slide in block change with key press or max. time 24s

We want to create an experiment with 10 active block [5 block for condition 1(related text) and 5 block for condition 2(unrelated text)] and 10 rest blocks. It is 8 measurement per block with 24 seconds per block. Tr= 3 seconds. In one block, the numbers of pictures not fixed.
We want to create a paradigm as belows:
-The SLIDE in A BLOCK will change only on a key press (S key) or maximum in 24 seconds.

Hope anyone can help us on this.


You can do this in the Event Editor’s Input tab, like this:

Then, in the Correct Response tab, you specify what is the correct response, e.g. ’S’ in your case. You can specify that more than one key be correct.

Dear Hisham,
Thanks a lot for the reply. We tried to do as what you explained. But the block doesn’t change exactly after 24 seconds. It changes after 28 seconds.
Hope you can help us to solve this problem.

Thank you.


Can you post the experiment? It really is impossible to tell where those extra 4 seconds are coming from without seeing the experiment. In SuperLab, click on the File menu and chose Create an Experiment Package, then post the resulting file.