SL not encoding participant responses

Hello, I would like to track RT in this experiment (subjects hear various types of word lists). Currently, I cannot get SL to report the response at all.

I have attached experiment file and a sample stimulus (WAV) file.

I have a second question re: this experiment. To develop this experiment, I was unable to import stimulus lists from a text file (whether plain text or excel list); so I laboriously created the lists by clicking on WAV files to enter them into a stim list. If the list contained something other than WAV audio files, I seem to be able to import a list from excel; but not for WAV files. Any advice on how to do this more efficiently in future?


DECTalk_A.sl5 (259 KB)

m160ball.wav (101 KB)

Regarding the RT not being displayed, I recommend on the events that have “Immediately after the event is presented” checked under the Input tab to be changed to “end on a time limit” of 1 ms.

I just tested importing WAV files from Text Edit into SuperLab with no issue. Did SuperLab give you some type of error message? Under the Stimulus List Editor did you choose “Audio”, then “Import from Text File” on the Audio Stimulus Editor? Below is a forum thread that also may be helpful.

not working

Hello, we implemented the solution you suggested – changed the “Immediately after the event is presented” under the* Input* tab to to “end on a time limit” of 1 ms.
this was not effective - we still see no response recorded at any time. any other solutions???

Thank you for the reply. Try entering a time limit of 583 milliseconds (this is the duration of your audio clips) under the Input tab for your audio events. Keep the other settings the same as you have them now.