Site licence questions

hi guys, I’m building a case for a site licence for the current version of Superlab for my department and have a few questions related to the practicalities of licencing.


  • It's a one-off payment and not a subscription for a period of time, correct?
  • Does this include updates, and for how long?
  • With a site licence, do I need to provide a server for running a dongle or licence database, etc? [/LIST]

    I wouldn’t ask, but I couldn’t find answers to these questions.

    Best wishes


  • Our Site license is for larger labs, intended for 60+ computers. The Site license allows you to use SuperLab on up to 250 computers within one department. These licenses can be used on Mac and PC, interchangeably. The cost for this is $17,000. These are lifetime licenses and do not have any annual fees. If you have any more questions, please private message me and I will be happy to answer them.