single key input


I want to make an experiment where the stimuli are videos showing complex events, and the subjectsindicate the onset of subevents in each video by pressing a key. I don’t want the keypresses to be counted as ‘correct’ answers, just to be recorded in the result file without terminating the event. Is this possible in Super Lab?

SuperLab will record everything until the correct response is pressed. So one way to achieve what you want is to designate as a correct response a key that the participant is not likely to press, e.g. the backslash. SuperLab will then record everything until the event’s time limit is up.

Thanks Hisham,

My problem is that I cannot get Superlab to do that. I have defined two responses: the key to be pressed at the onset of a subevent, and the ‘correct’ response which ends the trial. In the definition of both I checked the box to say that I want them recorded. Until now, however, every time I tried, Superlab recorded only the ‘correct’ response’. Shall I send you a zipped version of the experiment?

Hi again,

Sorry for the last posting, I tried it out again, and it worked. I just hadn’t been looking properly.