Simultaneous presentation data file

I have an experiment where I am presenting several pictures simultaneously. My problem is that I would like an output in my data file of each stimulus. However, my data file only has the information for the last of my simultaneously presented stimuli (the only one that is not invisible). Is there a way I can change what goes into the data file so that there is a row for every stimulus presented, not just my last one?

Thank you.

On the first event where “Immediately after the event is presented” is selected under the Input tab, change it to “or a time limit, whichever happens first”. Use 1 millisecond as the time.

Thank you for your help. This does allow me to see each picture in my data file. However, the reason I wanted to see each individual image in the data file is because I am using a trail variable to randomly determine where each image is on the screen and I want to know the location of each picture. Even though I am seeing every image in my file, it is reporting the same trial value for each picture. That is, for all rows in the same trial, it is only reporting one location value. Is it possible to let me know which varialble value is assigned to each picture?

Thank you,

This was a bug within SuperLab that has been fixed. The problem might be that you are using an older version of SuperLab. Please download the newest version, SuperLab 4.5.3, from the link below.