Simultaneous digital and video input


I’m having trouble recording data while presenting a digital input and video input simultaneously. I want to have a video appear on the screen. A vibration device is set to begin at the onset of the video and continue until the video is finished. During the video, the participant makes a key press. I cannot get the key press to be recorded without disrupting either the video or the vibration. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Instead of one event of type Digital Output that sends a pulse, try using two events: the first one to raise the I/O lines before the video starts to play, and the other one to drop the I/O lines when the video has finished playing.

The experiment has been changed slightly. I now want the vibration (digital input) to end 500-1000 ms after a response from the participant has been made. The video should continue to play once the vibration has stopped. Is this possible? Thanks.

It is possible as long as the video’s Wait for movie to finish playing before looking for input option is turned off. You can find it by clicking on the Settings button in the Event Editor’s Stimulus tab. The sequence would be:

  • An event of type Digital Output that would raise the I/O line(s)
  • Start movie
  • Accept participant's input
  • Another event, say of type Text, that would wait 500-1000 ms
  • Another Digital Output to drop the I/O line(s)