Shutter Glasses

Does anyone know if Superlab will run Shutter glasses. If so are there any additional materials that will be needed for setup (e.g. video splitter)?

Many thanks

Yes, you should be able to control shutter glasses (or any other lab equipment) with SuperLab. In fact, for a brief period, we used to sell the Plato shutters made by Translucent Technology in Toronta, Canada. It all depends on what type of control signal your shutters accept, e.g. serial or parallel.

If your shutter has a serial port, both the Mac and Windows versions of SuperLab have built-in support for sending information via the serial port.

If the shutter has a parallel port (might also be referred to as TTL input), our RB Series response pads provide six I/O lines that can be controlled by SuperLab for Mac or Windows. You can also use a National Instruments I/O card (Mac or Windows) or Measurement Computing I/O card (Windows only).

I’m also interested in using superlab for shutter glasses. I have a pair of nvidia 3dvision glasses, and have no idea how they would be integrated into superlab.

I’m wondering if anyone has any more specifics about how this is implemented. This was the only post I saw (3+ yrs old) and I have to imagine there are others out there who use stereoscopic depth and have found a good solution for it.