Shuts down during experiment

Sometimes when I run an experiment, the program shuts down. I get a message from windows (Vista) saying “the program is not responding” and it gives me the option to wait or to close out.

Please help to resolve this program, as it makes the software unusable on my computer. :frowning:


Hi Jill,

I’ve noticed Vista issuing such a message when in fact SuperLab had not crashed. You can usually tell by asking Vista to continue running SuperLab and then press <Esc> to stop running the experiment – usually SuperLab will respond and go back to the main experiment window without any problem. VIsta doesn’t like the way SuperLab waits for participant input.


Not compatible with Vista?

No, it doesn’t work that way. When I hit esc, it closes out of Superlab completely.

Even if what you suggest did work, please understand that if the program closes for any reason while an experiment is running, the results for that participant are invalid.

Do you have another solution? I was told by someone at Cedrus that Superlab is compatible with Vista.


I think that I need to take a look at your experiment. Are you in the U.S.? Please call me on Tuesday or Wednesday at (800) 233-7871. Yes, SuperLab should work on Vista. If there is an issue, we’ll take care of it ASAP.


Vista - yes or no???

I thought you were going to look at the experiment I sent you and get back to me. That was weeks ago. I sent you an email and you haven’t answered. What happened?

Please, let me know what to expect with this Vista issue asap. I have to present a research proposal in 3 weeks and I need my laptop with Vista to do the proposal and to do the research.

If SuperLab is actually not Vista compatible, I need to know how I can move the program license to another computer.