Showing stimulus for a limited time but not ending event

I have trouble finding a solution to a fairly simple experiment.
I need to show the events in my stimulus list for 500ms each, however Superlab shouldn’t end the event hereafter, but await for the response from the participant.
What I need is: The word shown for 500ms → word disappears → participant responds on keys either during the 500ms or sometime later (doesn’t matter if it is correct/incorrect) → next word is shown.

Could anybody help me with this?

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I have attached a sample experiment that can do what you want. It presents a word for 500ms, then it presents it again but offscreen. This allows you to set the correctness of the response.

With the attached experiment, you can handle correct/incorrect if you want, e.g. to present feedback.

Frida 1.sl6 (6.0 KB)

Thank you Hisham. I forgot to mention, that i need to measure response time, so i need “the clock” to start at the “first” word showing… is this possible?
I dont need to give feedback and the participant wont know whether the response is correct, but it should show in the results.

Hope that it is understandable!

Also i cant open the experiment file maybe because i use superlab 5?

For measuring the reaction time, by default SuperLab resets the timer after the onset of the first event in a trial. But sometimes this is not what the user wants, for example the first event might be a cue and not the actual stimulus.

You can control when the timer gets reset in the Event Editor’s Input tab; see the checkbox Reset RT timer.

Regarding the experiment, it requires the latest version of SuperLab 6. It is a free upgrade to all SuperLab 5 users.

Dear Hisham,
I’m afraid we cannot update Superlab since we are using it to run other experiments on longitudinal studies, which would compromise the data collection integrity. Is it possible to arrange an online meeting?

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Yes, of course. I’ll send you an email.