Shaping with Multiple Mouse/touchscreen locations

I’m a new user of SuperLab but reading this thread I was able to simultaneously present 3 stimuli on the screen and assign their corresponding spatial location to a mouse click for correct responses.

I’m now trying to use the same ideas to create a series of trials for which each of the three visual stimuli are gradually reduced (and thus so are the corresponding spatial locations for a correct response). The point is to shape responding from pretty much anywhere (i.e., the largest three visual stimuli) to responding only to specific locations (the smallest visual stimuli). I haven’t been able to do it because every location that I assign as correct remains throughout each trial’s events even though they are in different blocks, and you can see them all using the preview button. Any suggestions on how to proceed? I’ve attached the file

Shaping.sl4 (9.12 KB)

Can you repost the experiment to have it include the missing PNG files and WAV file? The best way to do so is to go to the File menu in SuperLab and select Create an Experiment Package. This will produce a single file that contains the experiment and all needed files. You can then post the package.

I think that Hank may have solved my problem/questions in my “More than Two Responses” post in the other forum.