Setting Time Limits


I am trying to set time limits for each blocks.
Futhermore, I would like to save the data automatically after time limits.
How can I do this?

Thank you in advance for any response.

You can set the time limits under the block level. In the Block Editor you will need create an Expression.

• Click the “New” button
• Then select "Time Since Start of Block"Choose “Less Than or Equal To” then add your time next to Value
• Select, “While the Expression is True”, next to Present the trials in this block

To save the data automatically have “Record and Save Response” selected under the Input tab in the Event Editor.

Hi Monika,

Thank you for your reply.

However, I set each trials to move on to the next trials as long as participants choose the correct answer.
If they choose the wrong answer, they have to try the same trial again.
Since SuperLab evaluates expression under the trial level, I cannot stop the experiment just after 120000 milliseconds.

I hope I can end an experiment just after 120000 milliseconds.
Is this possible?


SuperLab does not have a hard stop to end after 120000 milliseconds. What will happen is the 120000 milliseconds will be checked after the participant responds. So, if the participant sits idle after the 120000 milliseconds, the trial will not end till after the participant responds.

OK, thanks for your reply.