Serial Reaction Time task


Is there a way to have 4 placeholders fixed on the screen while an asterisk appears in one of them every time the participant presses a key? I don’t mind if it is 4 dots or lines, as long as they are arranged horizontally. I would like the asterisk to appear slightly above one of those 4 locations every time a key is pressed. Is there a way to do it? I tried combining a picture and text stimuli but didn’t work out (the white part of the picture shadowed half of the asterisk).



A sample experiment is attached. Please note some of the following settings:

  • In all events, except the first, under the [B]Stimulus[/B] tab,[B] Settings[/B], [B]Presentation Options[/B] "Erase screen before presenting stimulus" is checked off
  • A [B]Trial Variable[/B] was created for the location of the asterisks
If you want the asterisks to appear in random order, go to [B]Experiment[/B], [B]Trial Variable[/B], double click on "Asterisks positions". Then, select the [B]Level Selection[/B] tab. Here you will switch it to "Random with no replacement" under [B]Use the following order[/B].

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