serial mouse release

I have the participant press a mouse key and need to keep track of when he/she releases it. I am using a serial mouse.

Using cumulative time seemed the easiest solution, but I seem to be unable to get te release key time marked on the file. I get the information of when the mouse was pressed but not of when it was released.

Alternatively, can I by-pass this problem using Stim-Track and a USB mouse?

Thank you for any suggestions

Under Participant Input, Serial Mouse then the Options tab, is “Ignore the key release” checked? By default SuperLab has this selected.

The “Ignore the key release” is not checked. I have used the option wait until key is released to present next trial as I need all the events to be completed first, but no avail. It’s probably some really silly mistake I am making but cannot find out. :confused:

Do you mind posting your experiment? Please post as an Experiment Package.

Thank you monika.
My apologies for the delay … I finally managed to have the program working, the error was actually in the “Ignore key release” section. I had not realized that one of the two possible options was still checked. Mouse release now appears in the file. My fault after all! :o