Sequential Movie Event Issue

When presenting two visual stiumli (move files) back to back, with the first event set on a time limit, the second event is not being presented after the specified time limit. Does anyone have any suggestions? Could it be the second event file or is there an issue with telling suberlab when to present the second stimuli?

Can you tell me what you have selected under Presentation Options? You can find Presentation Options by going to the Settings tab within the Event Editor. By default, SuperLab chooses “Wait for movie to finish playing before looking for input”. This might be why you are having issues with timing. I would try, Stop movie, when the event ends.


Currently the movie settings indicate for SuperLab to end the movie when the even ends, as you suggested.

The movie does stop after a specified time limit. The problem is that the second movie never comes up and the participant is left looking at a white screen.

Any suggestions?

Can you post your experiment as an Experiment Package? This can be found under the File menu within SuperLab.

If your experiment is too large to post, please contact me via Private Message.

More detailed description

Unfortunately, I do not have authority to send the experiment, but here is a more detailed description of the problem:

Our trials are comprised of two events, each displaying animated gifs (as movies). The first event is displayed for a variable interval (ISI), which requires no response. The second event should then be presented for a fixed interval, requiring a response. The event ends once a response is detected or the event times out.

The problem is that the second event displays as a blank screen. A response is accepted, and the program moves on to another pair of events showing the first of the pair correctly, but the second event is, again, blank. We previously ran this experiment on another computer, and it displayed correctly. Unfortunately, we no longer have access to that machine.

By the way, the animated gifs “play” perfectly in preview mode.

We’re running SuperLab ver 4.0.7b under Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) on a quad core PC with 8 GB ram.

I hope this is helpful.

This information is very helpful. I will contact you by private message regarding uploading your experiment.