Separate input devices for recording responses

My experiment involves each participant doing two tasks at once. The participant looks at an MPEG movie of a driving situation, and presses a button each time they detect the presence of a hazard in the movie. At the same time, the participant performs an auditory task that involves making one of two responses, by pressing one of two buttons.
I’ve worked out how to record all these responses while the video continues to play. However, in order to avoid confusion, I want to physically separate the button responses for the driving task from the button responses for the auditory task. The button responses for the auditory task could be assigned to the two serial mouse buttons, but then how could I input the responses to the driving task? (Ideally I’d like to set up a pedal for the hazard detection responses). I do have a Logitech steering wheel and pedals, but his connects to the PC via the USB port.
Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted!
Graham Hole.

You could use the keyboard, and separate the two responses between the two hands. For example, the “hazard” response could be 0 (zero) and the two-choice response could be 1 (one) or 2 (two).

Other possibilities might be mouse button(s) versus keyboard, or two mice.

Greg Shenaut

The logitech steering wheel and pedals will probably allow you to assign a keyboard key to the specific buttons or pedals so that pressing them will be interpreted as a key. This may not apply, however, if the device treats the pedals as a gradient.

Dear Greg and Hank,
Thanks for the suggestions about how to get input for my study. Th Logitech steering wheel did not appear to be detected by Superlab, and I didn’t want to use the keyboard for all of the responses because I thought it might be confusing (even if the response keys were all spatially well-separated). In the end, what I’ve done is to use the USB-connected keyboard for responses for the secondary task, and a mouse (connected to the serial port and modified so it can be operated by foot) for responses on the primary task. This seems to work OK.
Thanks again,