Sending event markers from PsychoPy to fNIRS software during video playback using c-pod

Dear all,

I’m using the c-pod to send event markers from PsychoPy to Aurora, the NIRx software that manages data collection with the fNIRS. During our experiment, we show some videos to the participants. Each video consists of four parts: an introductory part, two central parts (which differ in some elements depending on the experimental conditions), and a concluding part. These parts begin at the same time (after 5, 9, 17, and 24 seconds after the onset of the video) in all videos. In addition to sending event markers at the beginning and end of each trial (the values of these event markers are specified in the Excel file with the list of stimuli), we would like to automatically send event markers to Aurora at the beginning of each part during the video playback. Ideally, these markers should have a specific value that refers to each part of the video (e.g., Part 1 = marker n° 1, Part 2 = marker n° 2, and so on) so to facilitate subsequent data analysis.

On the c-pod specifications page on the Cedrus website I found out that the c-pod has this interesting Scheduler feature, but I don’t know how to implement it in my experimental template. Does anybody know how to use this feature?

Please let me know if any further information is needed.

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Please see this sample on GitHub: