Send two markers at the same time

Hi, I’m wondering if Superlab 6 can send two different types of marker events simultaneiously. I have a system that accepts digital output markers (via StimTracker Quad), and another device which receives serial output markers. I need to synchronize them during the data collection. Could any one help?

Much appreciated!

What is the other system that accepts serial event markers? is that interface a standard RS-232?

Thanks for the quick response Hisham! The other system is a fNIR device that uses a virtual serial port (via VSPE) to receive event markers.

I created an marker event (serial output, ASCII value of 2) side by side with a digital marker event. When I click “test” button in the “Event Editor” window, I can see the marker labeled “2” on my fNIR recording. But when I run the experiment, the marker stops showing up in the fNIR recording. The serial output marker event was surely presented, but somehow the signal didn’t transfer to the fNIR device as I hit the " test" button. Could you help to explain why it happened?

Thanks very much!

It’s a bug that was fixed recently (Oct 27), you need the latest version 6.1.2 of SuperLab.

Thanks Hisham! I just reactivated my Superlab 6.0.1 for another 12 month in November, is there an upgrade patch for 6.0.1? Or is it possible to have a free upgrade to 6.0.2? Thanks very much!


There is no intermediate upgrade patch. SuperLab 6.1.2 is a free update.