send marker for correct/incorrect responses

Hi all,

For an ERP experiment we are trying to send markers which show whether the participant’s answer is correct or incorrect. So far, we can only figure out how to send a marker that any response has been given.

Related to this, we would also like to know whether it is possible to monitor the accuracy of participants on a second monitor (i.e. is it possible to view whether the participant answers correctly/incorrectly)?

Many thanks for any suggestions,

Within the Correct Response tab, under the Event Editor, is None, any response is correct selected? If it is, you will need to change this to One or more of the following. Your responses should be created in Participant Input, which is located under the Experiment menu.

Regarding your question about the second monitor, SuperLab does not have the capability to do this.

I have a similar problem.
I only want to send a marker when the participant pressed the correct key.

I defined which response is correct and I put the marker after the event to which the participant has to respond. The problem is now that the marker appears always right AFTER the event and ALWAYS, no matter whether the participant pressed the correct key or not.

I would appreciate if you could help me with this problem!

You will need to create an event using the “Digital Output” event type. Then, go to the Feedback tab in the events you are collecting responses from. Here you will tell SuperLab to present the digital output event based on a correct response.