self-paced reading that allows for re-reading


(I sent out this question a while ago in the Q&A session, thanks for answering, Monica! Just thinking this will be a great feature to be added to the Superlab!)

Right now I am running a self-paced (each button press triggers a word or a sentence to appear on the screen with the corresponding reading time simultaneously recorded, therefore reading happens in a forward proceeding fashion) reading experiment on Superlab.

I want to incorporate a button that also allows the readers to go back to the previous word or sentence with the time spent on re-reading recorded. I am not sure whether this feature has been embedded in the current version. If not, I am expecting some expert advice on alternative solutions.

Thanks so much ahead!


Thank you, your feature request has been noted. However, there are no current plans to work on this right away.

I would also like to see this feature added, or an option to “go back” or “repeat trial”.