self-paced reading + comprehension question + likert scale

Hello, I am trying to find the easiest way to set up the following stimuli based on self-paced reading.


Context Sentence (presented first and must remain on screen)
‘Mike and Bill work together at Sesame Place. Their new boss, Joe, dislikes them.’
While the context sentence is still on the screen, the subject will click through the test sentence.

'Mike\ told\ Bill\ that\ he\ intentionally\ gave\ them\ more\ work.\

Next, a comprehension question should appear:

'Who intentionally gave Mike and Bill more work?'Participant response here could be multiple choice selected with the mouse.

Finally, a grammaticality judgment should be made (test sentence should still be visible)

‘Please rate the grammaticality of the sentence’ 5(perfectly grammatical) to 1(perfectly ungrammatical)
I’d like to know if there is an easy way to do this, rather than make individual events for each stimulus (context sentence, self-paced reading, comprehension question, grammaticality judgment).

This is my first time to work with Superlab. I sincerely appreciate any advice from this forum.



Unfortunately since Self Paced Reading does not support stimulus lists this is the best way to do it.


Thank you MonikaT.

Is it possible to keep the text from disappearing during self-paced reading? If I can do this, then my first two prompts (context + self paced reading) can be presened together as a self paced reading event.

Thank you!

I have attached a small sample experiment demonstrating how this is done. On the SPR event, go to Settings then Presentation Options. Here you will see that “Erase screen before presenting stimulus” and “Keep stimulus invisible” are turned off.

If you want the sentence used in the Self Paced Reading event to stay on the screen, then go to the Event Editor, then Settings, and choose Segment Settings. You will need to choose “Cumulative” next to Display type.

SPR demo experiment.sl4 (4.5 KB)

Wonderful. Many thanks!

limiting keys in SPR

Hello, I have a question about self paced reading. In the experiment I’ve created, subjects can proceed through the sentence by pressing any key. Is there a way to limit it to just the space bar?


You can tell SuperLab that you only want to move on to the next event, only if the participant presses a correct response. I have attached a small sample experiment. Within the “Self-Paced Reading” event look how the Input tab and Correct Response tabs are set up.

SPRsample.sl4 (4.26 KB)

Thank you Monika. It seems to be working in the sample you sent, but not in my experiment. Does it matter that I have several correct input responses from other events listed? I added ‘spacebar’, clicked one space where it asks for the ‘key’ and then check ed the spacebar from the list of correct responses. Is there something I am missing?


In the Event Editor, under the Input tab, do you have only “After a correct response from the participant” checked?