Script not opening in demo version 6

Hi all,

I’m a starter in using Superlab. At the moment I’m using the demo version and try to open an already existing script. However, using the demo’s of version 6 and 6x for both Windows or Mac I am unable to open the script. My Macbook is too much up to date to be able to download and use the demo’s for previous versions to try out if that works.

The message shown is a Debug report preview about the Superlab.xml and Superlab.dmp file, but it doesn’t matter if I check or uncheck these files - the Superlab program shuts off immediately after clicking OK or Cancel.

Who could help me out? Thank you so much!

Can you please send me the experiment?

Thank you for sending the experiment.

We found an easy workaround: download SuperLab 5.0.5, open your experiment with it, and then save it as a SuperLab 5 file. Afterwards, you’ll be able to open the experiment with the most recent version of SuperLab 6.

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We just released SuperLab 6.3.1 which fixes the bug with opening SuperLab 4 experiments.