Screen blank after event is presented


In my experiment the initial “experimental test” and instructions screen will occasionally move on to the next screen before the desired time or before the participant indicates they are finished reading. It does not happen everytime just occasionally, I have checked that the correct responses are defined in each event even if I do not want the participant to respond.

Another problem that occasionally occurs is that sections of the screen is covered by a blank white box after the event is initially presented. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


This is happening most likely due to a setting within the experiment. Do you think you can post your experiment as an Experiment Package? You can find the Experiment Package option under the File menu within SuperLab.

blanck screen after stimulus presentation

Hi, it is also my problem. So, I have noticed sometimes (not always) after presentation of instruction (it doesn’t matter if in text or picture file) a blanck rectangle appears and it remains on the screen .
Can you hel me ? Thanks

Please see the Monika’s reply on this thread. Your issue seems to be the same one.