Scoring IAT

Just a quick new question.
Has anyone ever taken their data from super lab and input to spss to calcite the IAT D score?
If so I would appreciate some words of wisdom.


I would love to know this as well! I am confused on how to convert my saved SuperLab data into SPSS.

There are a variety of ways to post-process a SuperLab datafile. There is an example video posted below. In the video, there are two SuperLab datafiles (one from each of two participants).

First, the two files are merged using Data Viewer. Then, the single merged result is imported into SPSS. In this example we imagine that reaction times are going to be statistically analyzed with regard to the different Blocks of the experiment. Therefore, the two SPSS variables we created in the demo are “reaction_time” and “block_name”. You can pause the video at any point to get a closer look at the SPSS settings being used.