saving responses from previous events

I am creating an experiment were there are two events for each trial. The first event requires a key press and the second event requires a mouse click. I only wanted each event to accept the correct type of response so I used the option “only if an event designates a single key response as correct” under the options section of Keyboard-Single Keys and the option “only f an event designates a mouse response as correct” under the options section for Mouse or Touch screen. The problem is that if a Key is pressed during the mouse click event, it is applied to the following key press event, such that the key press event does not appear or only appears for a few milliseconds and then ends. A similar thing happens if a mouse click is administered during a key press event. How can I get superlab to not apply key presses from previous events to future events?

Thank you

SuperLab 4.0.3 and later will flush the input buffer for devices that have gone unused for longer than 500ms. If you are still having problems in 4.0.3 or later, try inserting an ISI event at the start of the trial.