Saving codes from two simultaneously presented events?

Hi -
I have an experiment that presents and audio file event first followed by a text event (sentence). The audio file event is set to end “immediately after event is presented” so that both events are presented simultaneously. Participants then make a true/false judgement on the sentence that appears.

Both the audio event and text event have code values assigned to them (e.g., Audio: a, b, c; Sentence: 1, 2, 3), but only the sentence code is being saved to the data file. This is presumably because the participant is only actually responding to the sentence.

Is there an easy way to have the codes associated with the audio file to be saved also?
Thanks in advance,

Instead of having your audio event end Immediately after the event is presented, have it end on a time limit. I would try 1 ms.

Perfect! That does the trick.
Thanks a million,