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I’ve programmed a same/different task before in superlab and it was kind of tedious. Each trial has 4 events: picture1, a black mask, picture2, and then a response screen where the participant is asked if the pictures were the same or different. I’m making a new program that uses the same task but with different stimuli, so i kind of have to recreate the whole thing anyway. Because there are a whole bunch of trials and the pictures repeat a lot i was wondering if there was some sort of work around with stimuli lists to make the creating part a bit shorter? I can’t come up with anything but am still learning superlab so any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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This should be a relatively easy task using stimulus lists as long as ‘picture 1’ and ‘picture 2’ are always paired the same way. You can randomize pairs, but not cross items from the two lists.

To start, create the two lists, then the events as you described. ‘picture 1’ would use the first list, whereas ‘picture 2’ would use the second list.

To randomize the pairs, this is done at the block level (Block Editor’s Randomize tab).

Let me know if you have more questions.