Running SuperLab without a network connection - FREEZING!

My laptop (Win 7, 64 bit, SL 4.5.3 build a7c69f71) has trouble running superlab when I’m not connected to the internet. It’s apparently trying to do license verification every time it runs. Freezes up and I have to end the process via task manager. Gives an error about the license file.

If I’m connected to a network, all works fine.

What’s the deal? Is there something I can change?

Exact error: “can’t remove file. ‘C:\ProgramData\Cedrus\Licenses\cedrus_license_error_log.txt’ (error 5: access is denied.)”

Nevermind - updated Superlab to 4.5.4 and works perfectly.


Thank you for the update. I am very happy to hear that the newest version, SuperLab 4.5.4, helped with your issue.