Running Supelab 1.75 on intel mac?

Can you run Superlab 1.75 on an intel mac using a classic emulator like Sheepskin?

I have some old experiments I’d like to run on my laptop and it would be great if I didn’t have to redo them all in Superlab 4.


I haven’t looked into Classic emulators for Intel Macs.

Whether or not you can is a function of the emulator–not a function of SuperLab 1.75. If you have issues, it’s a limitation of the emulator.


is there any way to run superlab 1.75 on MacBook Pro MA895? Everytime we tried to start superlab1.75 on our MacBook, superlab was not recognized as a programm. Do we necessariliy need an emulator? If so, which one?

Florian and Julia

It is not possible to run SuperLab 1.75 on Intel-based Macs because Apple dropped support for running applications that required Mac OS 9 (or earlier) on Intel-based Macs. It is still possible to run SuperLab 1.75 on Macs using Mac OS X, but only on PowerPC-based ones.