Running Multiple Superlab Windows Simultaneously

I was wondering if it was possible to run an experiment so that it displays across multiple monitors? If not is it possible to run multiple Superlab windows at the same time? So have one monitor run one instance of an experiment and another monitor run another instance?

Do you want the same stimulus to show up on both monitors (mirrored)? Or do you want a stimulus on one monitor and another stimulus on a second monitor?

Hi Hisham,
For each trial, we have a single visual stimulus and would like to see it appear on one of three monitors. In other words, we will have a left monitor, a central monitor, and a right monitor. We have not been able to get SUperlab to extend across multiple monitors.

Thank you!


I’m afraid that SuperLab cannot at present spread an experiment over two or three monitors.

Thank you for getting back to me.

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single alternative monitor

I have two monitors set up, one main and one extended. Is there a way to run the participants on the extended monitor? Right now, the experiment shows up on the main monitor but not the extended. I onlt want the experiment on one monitor but want it on the extended not main.

On the Mac, SuperLab will present the experiment on whichever monitor has the menu bar. You can set that using System Preferences.

I’m not quite sure how it’s done on Windows.