Running experiment by SuperLab Remote

Hi, I followed installing instruction ( and participant instruction (
However, when I run superlab remote packege on another Windows, I couldn’t run superlab remote app. It seemed that superlab remote app didn’t work properly.
How can I address this issue?


Can you post a link to the Remote package that SuperLab 6 created? I’ll then download it and take a look at it.

Thank you for reply.
This is a Google Drive link to the Remote package. (
If you try to access the link In Microsoft Edge and Chrome, you will probably receive the following massage: You need access
And then, could you tap the bottom, “Request access” ?
I know it will take some time, and I appreciate you doing it.

Best regard.

Hi, I also had the same problem.
I followed all instructions, but I could not run SuperLab Remote experiment on a different laptop (e.g., Microsoft Surface Go).

Please find below the message I got when I tried to run SuperLab Remote package on the different computer.

The error message seemed to say something about “Problem occurred in plug handler”

I really appreciate it if you could help me run the remote experiment.
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

With best wishes

I’ve requested access earlier today.

Meanwhile, we discovered an issue with SuperLab Remote for Windows and fixed it.

  • Delete the SuperLab Remote software that you had previously downloaded from our website

  • Re-download it

  • Re-create your Remote package experiment

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you.

Please see my note on this thread about an update to SuperLab Remote for Windows. If you still see this error message after re-creating a Remote package with the updated software, please let me know.

Dear Hismam,

Thank you for your work. I really appreciate it.

Unfortunately, however, I have still been in trouble running SuperLab Remote experiment on Windows computers.

I had the same message saying about “plug-in problem occurred”.

I also tried to run SuperLab Remote on a Desk top PC at my university.
However, I did not find SuperLab Remote run on the PC.
Below are pictures of the screen when I tried to run SuperLab Remote.

How cab I address this problem?
Also, am I right in understanding your instructions to create the SuperLab Remote package?

I am not sure about this information is relevant, but we basically use symantec endpoint protection as a security software.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and time.

With best wishes,


Thank you for work. Much appreciated.
Does “delete the SuperLab Remote software” mean that SuperLab 6 should be uninstalled from my computer?

Best regard.

No, SuperLab 6 is not affected.

Hi, Hisham
Thank you for reply and work. I really appreciate it.
I followed your instructions, but I couldn’t run the SuperLab remote package on different windows.
How can I address this issue?

I’m sorry to trouble you, but I appreciate you doing it for me.
Best regard.

It looks like SuperLab Remote is having trouble on some Asian language versions of Windows. This has surprised us because SuperLab 6 has been running smoothly with international character sets for one 15 years now.

We are looking at this and hopefully we will have an update soon.

Hi, Hisham
Thank you for reply and sharing information.
If you will updating SuperLab software, could you let me know the updating?

Thank you for your cooperation.

We don’t know exactly why SuperLab Remote sometimes fails to save the data file to the desktop. We cannot duplicate the issue in-house, even on a Kanji system. On one customer’s computer that we screen-shared with, the problem seemed related to having OneDrive installed.

We have updated the software so that, should this happen, SuperLab Remote will prompt the participant to select the desktop folder. Please see this page to download the updated Remote software.

We are working on an update to SuperLab Remote that will significantly improve on the experience for both you, the SuperLab 6 user, and for your participants. Alas, I cannot provide a timeframe yet, but I can say that it will be at least a couple of months. We are actively working on improving Remote.

Hi, Hisham
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work.
I downloaded the updated Remote software, but I couldn’t run the remote package.

I’m sorry to trouble you, but I appreciate you working on an update to SuperLab Remote.
I’d like you to let me know that the updating in some way.

Best regard

It should work. We have a good number of people who are already using it, though I have to say the setup is not always easy.

Please send me an email; I’ll do screen sharing with you on Monday to make sure it works.

We released SuperLab 6.0.2 which implements a workaround for the issue with Remote packages not being able to save the data file to the desktop.

Dear Hisham,

Thank you very much for your everything.
I really appreciate your help and support.

I have just learned that the updated version of SuperLab Remote and SuperLab 6.0.2 can work on Windows computers, thought it took a few minutes to activate SuperLab Remote.

Thank you again for everything you and your teams have done.

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My pleasure.

We are actively working on SuperLab Remote; we hope to have more good news about it early next year.