running an experiment on hebrew win7

Hi to all,

I’ve just finished writing an experiment on my xp machine and when I sent it to a friend with win7 (Hebrew version) the experiment gave the same feedback every time instead of giving the appropriate feedback.
Interestingly the problem occurred only on 2 computers out of 3.

Any Ideas would be welcome


Here is the experiment

I’m attaching the experiment, just in case. (5.17 MB)

We need to know the version of SuperLab you are using on all computers. Go to the Help menu and choose About SuperLab 4.0…

Please let us know what version it states. The most current version is SuperLab 4.5.1.

We also recommend reading the following post for Hebrew computers:

I’m using 4.5.1,

just downloaded it couple of weeks ago

Can you please verify the SuperLab version on all the computers you were running? Also, which feedback event was displayed when it was not acting correctly?


OK, in case anybody is intersted, one of our lab members found the solution.
It’s the keyboard, if the keyboard is set to hebrew SL does not recognize the key strokes correctly.
In case the default input language is hebrew this is a problem since the computer somtimes goes back to it during the running, the solution is to set the default langage to english and strictly set it to English before every run.


Thank you very much for letting us know. We greatly appreciate it.