Run a single block or trial?

Is there a way to simply run a single block or trial? I want to run a single trial to make sure that it is sequencing correctly, but currently it seems that I have to start from the beginning of my experiment (or else unclick every trial in all the blocks that I don’t want to run). Thank you!

You cannot run a specific trial, but it’s easy to run a specific block.


  • Select the block, or blocks, that you want to run.
  • When you choose Run, a dialog appears. Turn on the option [B]Run selected blocks only[/B]. [/LIST] Hint: when I want to test that a single trial is running as intended, I create a block named “test block”, link it to that trial, and run the experiment with only that block. It’s a good testing approach.
  • Thank you for your quick response, Hisham!

    My pleasure.