RT timing

I have an experiment that first presents a cue to indicate which 4 of 8 objects are targets to be tracked during the trial. Thereafter a movie runs that shows the 8 objects moving randomly for about 6 seconds. Then, a series of 4 probes are shown, one after the other where participants must indicate the location of each of their target objects. My concern is that, whilst I can reset the timer for the last 3 probes, the first probe RTs are very large because when I reset the timer on the previous event, i.e., the movie, the RT seems to include time for the movie to be presented. Am I right about what’s going on and is there a way around the problem.

Many thanks for any help

Why aren’t you able to reset the timer for your first event? I think it might be helpful if you posted your experiment. Please post as an Experiment Package. This can be found under the File menu within SuperLab.