RSVP help

Hello everyone,

Could anyone help me with this issue? I attached the file here as well.

I have this sentence experiment using RSVP and would like to have SuperLab stop presenting the sentence and move to the next one when an incorrect word is selected by the participant because there is no meaning to continue presenting the rest of the sentence in this case. I also would like to add feedback saying “Incorrect” if an incorrect words is selected so the participant knows why it moves to the next sentence.

Also, I find it difficult to put the fixation sign in front of each sentence.

Thank you in advance.

1.sl5 (7.11 KB)

Hello Sami1, thanks for posting.

Take a look through the experiment I’ve attached. To properly use RSVP events, you must use backslashes between word segments. Take a look at the experiment notes for help with the Fixation event and feedback when incorrect.

RSVPlists.sl5 (5.3 KB)

Thank you so much Arman.

It works perfect, but it seems that the timer does not start on each word onset but for the whole sentence I guess, it reads 2000+ msec while I am sure that the RT is way shorter than that when I did the experiment myself. So, is there anything missing here?

You are welcome.

Open the Sentences event editor, click the Input tab, and select the Reset RT timer option.

It tried it and it works perfect. Thank you so much Arman! :slight_smile: