RSVP help

I’m designing an attentional blink experiment with an RSVP stream. So far, I’ve created stim lists for the first target (T1), second target (T2), and distracter stims (13 total in stream). I’ve also created the first trial linked to the events, however when I run the experiment it’s showing the trial 15 times. Under Trial Editor/List Access, it says “the trial is linked to events that use 15 stim lists”, which then results in 15 trial presentations. I only want each trial to be presented once, using a random T1 target (from stim list) and random T2 target (from stim list), and after the participant responds, I’d like it to move on to the next trial rather than present it 15 times. Any help/suggestions?


Can you post the experiment?

here’s the experiment (681 KB)

I looked at your experiment, and there must be something that I am not understanding. Your trials have 32 events linked to them. In our experience, when a trial has more than just a few events linked, it’s usually a sign that the experiment can be simplified or done differently.

This is better discussed over the phone, I’ll contact you directly.