RSVP for attentional blink - beyond newbie

Hello there,

I am BEYOND a newbie in using superlab. Experiments using programs of this nature are not my forte. In fact, I am only in this position because of a research experiment I need to do for a class in my Master’s program.

I have combed through the forums and the manual and realize I am hopelessly lost. Blocks, trials, events…it all runs together for me.

So, I’m hoping with fingers crossed that someone can help me set up the following experiment:

It’s a classic attentional blink experiment.
In a stream of 20 stimuli (18 letters, randomly chosen from the letters A,B,C,D,E,G,H,J,M,N,P,R,U,V,W,and Y) there will be two Targets, both numbers (randomly chosen between 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,and 9).
T1 (target 1) will occur first and be in red. T2 (target 2) will occur after in black.
Participants will start by doing 10 practice trials.
Then they will do 90 experimental trials EVENLY randomized between the following 6 conditions:

T1 at position 7, T2 at position 8 (15 trials)
T1 at position 7, T2 at position 9 (15 trials)
T1 at position 7, T2 at position 14 (15 trials)
T1 at position 10, T2 at position 11 (15 trials)
T1 at position 10, T2 at position 12 (15 trials)
T1 at position 10, T2 at position 17 (15 trials)

After each trial, participants must type in the keyboard the number they saw at T1 and the number they saw at T2. If they didn’t see a number at T2, they must guess.

Each trial will start with a fixation cross for 1000 ms. Each stimuli in the RSVP stream must be presented for only 100 ms each.

Recording reaction time is not necessary, but whether they got the T2 correct is what is important.

But, again, each stream must be randomized from those letters. And Each T1 must be randomized and each T2 randomized as well. And the 6 different trials must be randomized.

how do I do all of this? I’m really totally at a loss.

Thank you anyone for any help you can give!

This is a pretty complex experiment. You can create 90 experimental trials using pseudo randomization, meaning you will have to create the randomization yourself. However, having the TI presented in red is not possibility in SuperLab.

possible way?

I thought of a possible way to do it using sections. (Too difficult to explain). But one question is, if I have a “pool” (list) of 16 letters in an event, can I have a task just pull 6 of them at random?