Rf circuits vizualization in matlab - rf tool ??

Hi ,
I have drawn an analogue circuit (filter) : R,L,C components,which is meant for operation over the UHF RF Band(Radio Frequency Band ).
I have drawn it however using Matlab’s Powerlib Library ( a Visual Circuit Config. GUI ), because I COULDN’T find a similar routine - GUI in RF TOOL BOX and/or Rftool.
However,Powerlib doesn’t perform frequency response analysis, it is meant for a fixed operating freq. namely: 60 Hz (naturally)
I tried the NON -VISUAL routine proposed in Rftool to create the circuit, but it is so tedious ,confusing, and ambiguous.
Anybody knows how to construct - draw VISUALLY an R,L,C circuit in Rftool ?? Or transfer one drawn with Powerlib ??
Many Thanks !!

Sorry, this isn’t a forum for general Matlab help. It is specific to Matlab users wanting to use Cedrus response devices and StimTracker.