Restricting the number of words and characters per word in response textbox

Does anyone know how I could use the response textbox (where participants freely type responses) but still restrict the number of words they can write and/or the number of characters per word?
Not sure if this is even possible,
Would be great to get some ideas!
Many thanks:-)

Go to Participant Input within the Experiment menu, select Keyboard-String Input. Then go to the Response Completion tab on the right. Here you can limit the number of characters you would like the participant to press.

Thanks very much!

Hi Monika!
Thanks for your very quick reply earlier. I realized my task is slightly more completed. I would like my participants to write as many words as they want (in the keyboard-string input), but each word can only be 4 characters long. Is this even possible?

Thanks again for all your support with super lab!


If you want the entire sentence together in one string and also limit the word size it cannot be done in SuperLab.