Responses mapped to same key don't work

I have encountered some frustration in attempting to set up a study in Superlab 5.

I have multiple unique responses which are mapped to the same key on the keyboard, but when I select one of these as the correct answer for an item in a stimulus list superlab seems to only consider the first response in the list of potential responses.

Task 1 involves using ‘f’ and ‘j’ to select from a ‘left’ and ‘right’ stimulus. Task 2 involves using the home row keys to select among a set of shapes; ‘f’ is mapped to ‘circle’. I choose the correct answer as ‘one or more of the following…’ for trials in both tasks. In the list of responses, ‘left’ comes before ‘circle’ (both are mapped to the ‘f’ key). In trials for which ‘circle’ is the correct answer, I press the ‘f’ key, but am marked as wrong. In trials for which ‘left’ is the correct answer, I press the ‘f’ key and am marked correct.

It appears that, in searching through the list of single-key responses, if a response mapped to the pressed key is reached and the response is not marked as correct for that trial, then no more responses are considered. This seems like a bug.

I have attached a very basic study as a sanity check. Any advice is welcome, especially if this is intended functionality.

Sanity (1.74 KB)