Responses are not saving

I have set up a new experiment and am not able to figure out how to get the responses to save. When I “play” the experiment, I follow the prompts to save and create a file name and location. My experiment runs normally to completion. When I go to open the saved file, it only contains the headers with no actual data. I have cross checked every option that I can think of with a functioning experiment to see if there is something I should have selected but didn’t. What should I look for? (I’m running SuperLab 4.5)

Thank you!

In the Event Editor’s Input tab, SuperLab will not save data if:

  • The end event [B]Immediately after the event is presented[/B] checkbox is enabled, or if
  • The [B]Record and save response[/B] is [U]not[/U] enabled
If the problem is not in the [B]Input[/B] tab, post the experiment and I’ll take a look at it.

It works!

I changed the end event option, and everything is working great now. Thank you so much!