response where the participant has to press two keys consecutively


I’m doing a linguistic experiment, where the participant sees a picture and is asked to respond after seeing it with one of two particular keys (“v” and “n”) on the keyboard of my computer.
Now, so that the participant doesn’t just randomly click through all pictures but has a moment where his fingers are in the middle of these two keys, I wanted to program the key “b” as command to move to the next picture.

In short, it means, I want to create a response where the participant has to press two keys consecutively, how can I do that?

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I understand the need to have participants press “b” to move to the next trial. It is a common practice to do that, or to add an inter-trial delay as a pause.

However, I don’t understand why the need to have the participant press two keys simultaneously. It can be done by having two events, one per key. You can see a sample experiment that does something similar on this forum thread.