Response type - keyboard-Single keys vs. Keyboard-string input


I am setting up an experiment for which the participants can give their response by either
a) pressing the Spacebar (keyboard-single key)
b) writing a word or a sentence (keyboard-string input key)
c) right mouse button

It looks like the keyboard-single key response type conflicts with the string input in that when one tries to type a word, the response is accepted after only one button is pressed (e.g., one letter) or what happens is that I am not able to type and delete a word (e.g., if I make up my mind about what I am writing).
How can I manage the settings in such a way that the participant is able to take his/her time to type down their response and then go to the next event?


Please see this tech support note that was recently posted on how to handle single keys and string input in the same experiment.


Great!It works now.