Response Timing to Previously Presented Stimuli

I need to program an experiment that proceeds as fallows:

1.) fixation (500ms)
2.) word stimuli (400ms), the participant can either respond during the 400ms when the stimulus is on screen, or after it disappears. The next event will not be triggered until the participant responds.
3.) ISI 1750

Next trial

I tried programming it so that after the stimuli is presented for 400ms, a new event begins where the participant can still respond to the stimuli that just disappeared, but this doesn’t work because I need Superlab to know that what was defined as a correct response for the stimuli that just disappeared (the previous trial event) is also a correct response for this new event window after it disappears. I also need to make sure that Superlab is measuring response time in this new event window relative to the onset of the word stimuli in the previous trial event.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

Try the attached experiment. It uses a stimulus list. Note that the “ISI 1750 msec” event currently displays a message. This is simply for tracing purposes, i.e. to make sure that it is working as intended. You can simply edit it and delete the text.

neuropsych21.sl4 (5.74 KB)