Response Markers

Hi everyone,

I am trying to send a different event marker (to an EEG signal) depending on my participant’s response (e.g. send 1 if they pressed button 1, send 2 if they pressed button 2, send 3 if they pressed button 3) . Does anyone know how to do this? It seems that I can only get a response marker but that can’t be modified depending on the button participants pressed. I assume I could do this with the feedback function but I don’t know how.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

What EEG device are you using? Within SuperLab you can have only a correct and incorrect response as feedback.

We are using Neuroscan, ANT, and BrainAmp devices. It’s a shame that we can only send correct/incorrect responses as feedback. We often ask participants to participate in forced-choice tasks (e.g. was this stimulus ‘pink’, ‘green’, ‘red’, ‘blue’, … and it would be a nice feature if superlab could actually send these individual markers (e.g. 1 for pink, 2 for green, …) to the EEG signal.

We really appreciate this feedback. We take suggestions like this strongly into consideration.

This feature is now available with the new release of SuperLab 5.

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Great to hear that this feature is now included. how exactly does it work?

  • Create a separate event of type [B]Digital Output[/B], let's call it "feedback"
  • On the main event, go to the[B] Feedback[/B] tab and the action will state:
  • If response is Button 1

  • Then "Present event" "feedback" (to present the digital output that sends a pulse)