Response box issue

In our experiment we show our participants pictures and ask them to respond to the pictures with a description, and then they click next after having written their response.

When we’ve run the SuperLab file, the first couple of shoes that appear, the input box does not appear, however, we can still type a response and hit “return” to proceed to the next picture. This error corrects itself after four or five pictures, (the last half of the pictures have the box and everything is good).

We have checked the settings and they are all the same, so we do not understand what the problem may be.

Thanks for your help!

Are you using more than one input device? e.g. “Keyboard-Single Keys” and “Keyboard-String Input”? Can you post the experiment as a package?

You can create the package by clicking on the File menu and choosing Create an Experiment Package. This will create a file that includes the experiment as well as all your picture files.

I tried to post the experiment package three times but it kept telling me that a security token was missing. I don’t know what that means.

I will contact you by private message regarding posting your experiment.