Requiring multiple reponses


I require participants to select 2 of 4 pictures as the correct responses in my experiment. My questions are:

1, Is there a way to wait for a number of responses before moving on to the next trial? e.g move on after 3 responses, correct or incorrect

2, Does superlab record the location of the response (in this case, touch on the screen) so the results will tell me whether they pressed on the correct pictures?

Thank you.

You can make SuperLab wait for two responses by specifying two events that look for input from participant. I don’t think that it’s possible to do something like accepting up to 4 responses but stop after two correct ones.

Yes, it is possible to have SuperLab record the location of the response. You can obtain pixel coordinates or an area location that you define, or both. Click on the Experiment menu and choose Participant Input. A dialog appears. Enable the chechbox for “Mouse or Touch Screen”. This step will have SuperLab record the X and Y pixel position of the mouse click.

But you can also create responses, which in this case consist of areas on the screen. You can give your response a name, e.g. “upper left”, or whatever is appropriate for your experiment, and SuperLab will save “upper left” to the data file if the participant’s mouse click falls inside that area.

Thank you for your reply. The problem with making two events require input is that I need to display them simultaneously and the manual advises the input is set to ‘immediately after event is presented’. Is there a way I can show all four visual stimuli but still mark two as requiring input?

You can always display the pictures using four event, and then collect the participant’s responses using two or more events whose purpose is only to collect responses, i.e. they do not display anything.