Requesting feedback on programming of Ospan experiment

Hello all,

I am a Psychology and CS student currently programming experiments on Superb as part of my summer research position. I have programmed a couple experiments, however I found it challenging to program the Operation and reading span experiments due to the large of number of trials and respective sets that are necessary to yield significant results. I finished programming the Ospan, but, before proceeding to program the Rspan, I was wondering if anyone could revise the way I programmed this one, due to their similarity. It is quite long, and I am working on a google document to explain how I did it (it is in progress, but you can check it out here for now: Ospan and Rspan instructions - Google Docs). I am looking for feedback mainly with the goal of finding out an easier and less repetitive way to program this type of experiment, as I would be repeating most of what I did here for the Rspan experiment.

I am a new user and cannot upload attachments → so here is the link to download the experiment from google drive: Automated_Ospan.sl6 - Google Drive

Thank you in advance, and I am excited to hear any feedback!

Best regards,

Isabel Dias

Please send us an email to arrange for a Zoom meeting. We could both end up typing a lot otherwise. :grinning:

Makes sense! Thank you!