repeating stimuli

Hello to all,

My experiment includes 2 blocks, each representing a judgement test in which the participant hears a series of sentences and has to judge whether they are correct or not.

I wish to add an option in which the participant could click a key that will make the stimuli (the sentence he just heard) play again (only once more) but I’m not sure how to do it, as I couldn’t find anything similar in the manual, FAQs and in the forums.:confused:

Could anyone help me with it?

Thanks in Advance,

The best way to do this is by using Feedback. Chapter 3 of the SuperLab manual explains more in depth about how to use Feedback.

In order to repeat the one sentence, you will need to have one single sentence per trial. SuperLab works best when each trial has no more than a handful of events.

In SuperLab 5, this action becomes even easier. In SuperLab 5 you can:

  • Have feedback conditional upon "if response is (one particular key)" instead of just "if correct"
  • Limit the number of total "repeat trial" actions
In either case (using 4.5 or 5.0), it is important to have one sentence per trial. If the sentences are in a stimulus list, then that will happen automatically.

Thank you for your answer.

I use 4.5 and I do have the sentences in stimulus lists, but it creates it as a list per trial, not as a sentence per trial, to my understanding and even though I read the manual I still can’t understand which condiotion suits my need, because I want the option of repeating to always be there and not be conditional to time or correctness.

It seems that the option you suggested that exists on superlab 5 suits me best, but is there a way to do so in superlab 4.5?

In SuperLab 4.5 you can use Feedback based on a correct and incorrect response. Since you don’t want this done based on correctness, you will have to use SuperLab 5 to implement the experiment.