Repeating same Randomized Experiment

Hi guys,

I designed an experiment that pretty much does what I need with some minor touch ups still needed however I wanted to see how I can keep the same sequence of trials/events for all subjects (both controls and patients). I know I can choose to make both groups into one main group. I also know I can choose not to randomize at any of the levels: block, trials, events. But I want all these levels to be randomized to create an efficient experiment. And I want to be able to keep this sequence. I do not know if this is what the lock feature is for. If I choose randomize only for group, then it repeats the same sequence for that group which is good however the trials will not change from block to block (all the same order). The only way I was able to get a good random sequence was by randomizing for each block, but again I can’t save that sequence. I also duplicated the block and tried running it… :eek: What is the best way around this?


The Lock feature is to prevent accidental changes within your experiment.

I was going to suggest randomizing on a per group basis, but you’ve tried that already. I am not quite sure what you are trying to accomplish.

Hi Monika,

I created a good randomized sequence of events (180 trials) using superlab. Now, I would like to repeat this same sequence for each subject. It seems the only way I can do this is by opening the recorded data file and copying that sequence, then hard coding every event into superlab manually. Which can be done, but I was looking for a more efficient and less time consuming method.


Have you tried randomizing once per participant group?