Repeating Incorrect Responses


This experiment repeats only the questions that the participant has answered incorrectly.

How It’s Done

  • In the Block Editor a macro is created. The macro is set to "Repeat current block" and to run only "After all the trials in the block have been presented".
  • In the Trial Editor, a code is created with two values "correct" and "incorrect". For [B]When to Present[/B], it should be set to "Current trial's code 'Answered as' is not set to 'incorrect".
  • In the Event Editor's [B]Feedback[/B] tab, we provide feedback if the "Response in not correct". Under [B]What to do[/B], select "Change Code Value 'Answered as' to incorrect". Lastly, we "Present remaining events in the trial".

Repeating Incorrect Responses (Windows Version).sl4 (5.75 KB)

Repeating Incorrect Responses (Mac Version).sl4 (5.72 KB)